Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Nottingham

By | February 14, 2016

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Nottingham

Weight Loss Hypnosis in Nottingham

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Nottingham – Here at Elevated Therapy with Jacqueline Preston it is about losing weight naturally, and safely with Weight Loss Treatments Nottingham.
Using the efficiency of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Energy Based and Holistic Practices together with Nutrition to change your mind, and eating habits, and reduce your weight in a sensible, healthy, and permanent way.

Jacqueline’s work with weight reduction does not depend on diets or hardship; it needs no weigh-ins nor does it use any restrictive points system or calorie counting.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Nottingham Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss in NottinghamJacqueline says: “I am delighted to be working in partnership with Michael, and being part of the practice at Elevated Therapy, after Michael and I felt it was timely in setting up a forefront clinic together to provide a unique opportunity for the people of Nottingham, Grantham and throughout the East Midlands in having a dedicated, expert, and professional weight clinic serving them. The weight and nutrition clinic provides individual or group weight loss classes, and weight management sessions, as well as offering the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy treatment programmes. In addition to this, we also offer the latest treatments for the wider spectrum of eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, Sports or Anorexia Athletica, Night Eating Syndrome, Orthorexia Nervosa, and Body Dysmorphic Disorder, using a combined hypnosis, psychotherapeutic, energy based, and nutrition approach”.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Nottingham. Jacqueline Preston’s work:

  • Reprogrammes your unconscious mind
  • Finds, and overcomes the cause of your overeating
  • Increases your motivation to exercise
  • Helps you to eat in a healthier, and more balanced way coupled with her nutrition advice
  • Supports you in reducing your weight naturally, and without dieting

Those who have difficulty reducing, and controlling their weight often:

  • Have low self esteem, and a negative self-image
  • Comfort eat for emotional issues
  • Eat out of habit, and not because they are hungry
  • Use food as a reward
  • Are oblivious to how much food as well as the amount of calories they have eaten in a day
  • Undertake little or no physical activity
  • Prefer high calorie foods over healthier options
  • Keep eating even after they are full
  • Are conditioned from childhood to always finish their food
  • See having less food as punishment, deprivation, and loss

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Treatments Nottingham, Newark-on-Trent, West Bridgford, Bingham and Southwell

Weight Loss Hypnosis in NottinghamJacqueline Preston operates flexible Weight Loss treatment programmes for each client individually as everyone is unique and has different issues, requirements, and different amounts of weight to lose, and some need longer term support.
This can be discussed.
This is about YOU in getting the changes that YOU want through her complementary, holistic approach to helping people make beneficial changes to their eating habits, and their relationship with food.

Together with the experience, and expertise of the work of Dr. Michael G Millett since 1995 with Elevated Therapy ® London, and Grantham – Jacqueline, and Michael are able to provide all clients with the latest natural, diet and drug free approach to weight loss, weight control and weight management in Nottingham, Newark-on-Trent, West Bridgford, Bingham, and Southwell in order for them to achieve a healthier lifestyle, and for many the `Life of Their Dreams`.
Jacqueline’s work also encompasses her leading-edge nutrition consultation service to help people to discover or get back on the road of healthy eating patterns, address nutrient deficiencies, and even help with food sensitivities and intolerances.

Hypnosis Gastric Band Treatments Nottingham, Newark-on-Trent, West Bridgford, Bingham and Southwell

Gastric Band Hypnosis in NottinghamThe Gastric Band Hypnosis | Virtual Gastric Band in Nottingham with Jacqueline uses a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, NLP and Hypnotherapy to help change your eating habits forever with the Tranceband method ! If you are really committed to losing weight then Gastric Band Hypnotherpay will help you to achieve your desired goals.
The work is designed for those with a BMI of 25 +
It is a very safe, risk free and a low-priced alternative to Gastric Band Surgery.

Gatric Band Hypnotherapy Nottingham

Jacqueline runs a 6 session programme for the Hypnosis Gastric Band course. This includes pre-operative preparatory work which includes body measurements, and BMI calculation, and full preparation, and support leading up to the actual virtual operation itself.
This is followed later with very important post-op work with the client being finally given a certificate of achievement upon completion.

Get in touch today with Jacqueline for a free initial telephone consultation to discuss your weight issues, and find out how Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Nottingham at Elevated Therapy in Nottingham, Newark-on-Trent, Bingham, Southwell, and West Bridgford can help you.

The BIG question is: What price do you put on your health? Once you have genuinely answered this question, you will realise that there can be no better way of investing your time, and money than in controlling your weight issue, looking well, and raising your self esteem at Elevated Therapy with Jacqueline.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Nottingham

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