Hypnotherapy For Fears and Phobias in Nottingham

By | February 7, 2016

Hypnotherapy For Fears and Phobias in Nottingham and Newark

Hypnosis For Fears and Phobias in Nottingham, Newark and West Bridgford

Hypnotherapy For Fears and Phobias in NottinghamHypnotherapy For Fears and Phobias in Nottingham
A phobia is an overwhelming and fear of an object, place, situation, feeling, person or animal. The degree of fear varies and the term phobia is reserved for those at the extreme end of the spectrum. Phobias are more definitive than fears alone, and develop when a person has an exaggerated or unrealistic sense of danger about something in particular. Those with a genetic predisposition to anxiety may be at a high risk for developing phobias, and if a phobia becomes very intense, and onerous, a person may regulate their life around avoiding the thing that’s causing them extreme reaction, and anxiety. This may well restrict, and reduce their day-to-day life, and if the person has a complex phobia such as agoraphobia, leading a normal life may be very difficult indeed.
It certainly causes immeasurable distress.

Hypnosis For Fears and Phobias NottinghamHypnotherapy, NLP, and EFT for phobias and fears (anxiety disorders) in Nottingham, Newark-on-Trent, Bingham, Southwell, and West Bridgford can help discover what the root cause of the fear is, and calm both emotional and physical reactions to it through deep relaxation, the opposite of anxiety – while teaching the mind a different way of responding to the feared object or situation.
This is the positive way forward to overcoming fears and phobias, and all sorts of anxiety issues with their common symptoms of feelings of terror, impending doom, rapid heartbeat and breathing, sweaty palms, and loss of control.

Hypnosis For Fears and Phobias in Nottinghamshire

There are four major TYPES of specific phobias

  • Natural environment—fear of lightening, water, storms, etc.
  • Animal—fear of snakes, rodents, bugs, and spiders, etc.
  • Medical—fear of seeing blood, receiving injections, visiting a doctor, etc.
  • Situational—fear of bridges, leaving the house, driving, public speaking, etc.

Most Common Types of Phobias

Panic Attacks NottinghamSpecific Phobia
Many people commonly dislike certain situations or things, but to be a true phobia, the fear must interfere with your daily life.
A phobia is an excessive and irrational fear, dread, and panic reaction when you encounter the source of your fear.
Common or specific phobias can be defined as the fear of any particular situation, thing or object.  Some of the most common phobias include the following:

  • Avianophobia – fear of flying
  • Emetophobia – fear of vomiting
  • Musophobia – fear of rats, and mice
  • Entomophobia – fear of bugs, and insects
  • Ophidiophobia – fear of snakes
  • Arachnophobia – fear of spiders
  • Dentophobia – fear of the Dentist
  • Tomophobia – fear of invasive Medical Procedure
  • Trypanophobia – fear of injections
  • Claustrophobia –  fear of enclosed or tight spaces
  • Enochlophobia – fear of large crowds
  • Acrophobia – fear of heights
  • Glossophobia – performance anxiety, or the fear of speaking in front of an audience

Hypnotherapist For Fears and Phobias in NottinghamSocial Phobia (more info)
Social phobia is also known as “social anxiety disorder” where a person is very anxious about social situations, and being embarrassed in public. It generally develops in childhood or adolescence, particularly following a humiliating experience. A social phobia can end up being so severe that the simplest of social interactions, such as going into a shop, or answering the telephone, can cause panic. Those with social phobia will often go out of their way to avoid public, and interactive situations altogether.

This is a disorder which gives rise to a fear of feeling trapped in places or situations that you can’t escape from, or where help may not be available.
The word itself refers to “fear of wide open spaces.”
People with agoraphobia can fear large crowds, heights, bridges or being trapped outside their home, or `safe place`. They can even avoid social situations altogether and stay inside their homes avoiding these places and situations. Agoraphobia can also develop after having one or more panic attacks.
Agoraphobia can also be hereditary, and can even be triggered by a stressful event.

What Are the Symptoms of Phobias?

The most common and incapacitating symptom of a phobia is a panic attack. Features of a panic attack may include:
  • pounding or racing heart
  • raised blood pressure
  • shortness of breath
  • rapid speech or an inability to speak
  • dry mouth
  • upset stomach or nausea
  • trembling or shaking
  • excessive sweating
  • chest pain or tightness
  • choking sensation
  • dizziness, feeling lightheaded or off balance
  • feeling of passing out or losing consciousness
  • a sense of impending doom

In the initial consultation session, we discuss your particular phobia, and possible reasons for it, how the sessions will work, and we agree your personal treatment plan, and number of sessions, Hypnosis, NLP and EFT – and begin one of the processes.

If you would like to find out more about how Dr. Michael G Millett, and the work of Elevated Therapy ® in Nottingham, Newark-on-Trent, and West Bridgford can help you with Hypnotherapy For Fears and Phobias in Nottingham – get in touch today !

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Disclaimer: Please note that as this is a form of therapy, and therefore organic – Dr. Michael Millett is unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person. Some people have responded very quickly to the work, and have been delighted with their recovery. Elevated Therapy testimonials show this. Other people take longer to move forward. There are so many different situations, and people are not the same. Michael will help you as fast as he can, and each session will be progressive.

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