Hypnotherapy West Bridgford

Hypnotherapy West Bridgford

Hypnotherapist West BridgfordHypnosis in West Bridgford

Hypnotherapy West Bridgford – The work of Dr. Michael G Millett is internationally known and his practice is located in one of the premier therapy clinics in the Nottinghamshire area.
The prestigious Elevated Therapy Clinic of Hypnotherapy and Holistic Practices is based in Grantham’s Town Centre which is only a short drive away along the A52 offering Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Counselling, Psychotherapy, Coaching Techniques and Metaphysical Therapy.
If you are looking for premium and personalised support which goes a step beyond the average one hour a week therapy – Michael can help!

He specialises in helping people just like you to obtain positive results. Helping you to overcome all anxieties, including Social Anxiety. He is an expert in working with you to help you overcome any fears and phobias that you have. These include: Fear of Heights, Fear of Flying, Fear of the Dentist, Fear of Public Speaking, Interview and Exam Nerves, Insomnia, IBS Hypnotherapy as well as many more conditions too numerous to mention.

Are you feeling down, low or despondent with negative thoughts and feelings? Do you have low Self-Esteem or a Lack of Confidence?
Or do you struggle with weight problems or eating disorders? If so, then Michael along with his associate Dr. Jacqueline Preston will be able to help you overcome these challenges in your life here in Grantham. Visit Gastric Band Hypnosis West Bridgford.

In essence anyone that feels somewhat powerless to overcome their symptoms, he can help.
You maybe feeling that your symptoms are just happening to you. Perhaps feeling out of control and in need of some help, help from a professional like Dr. Michael Millett since 1994.

Hypnotherapy West Bridgford

All of us, at some stage in our lives, suffer from all sorts of problems and their consequences.
Hypnosis is deeply relaxing, relieving stress and making it possible for the sufferer to overcome blocks to their success, and to tackle them in a more positive way by achieving practical goals with the right approach.

Hypnotherapy in West Bridgford

West Bridgford Hypnosis Treatments

You have already made the first step to overcome your problems by visiting this page. The next step is to get in touch and to make an appointment for a free, initial consultation by phone or Skype to discuss the best therapy approach for you. You will be able to confidentially discuss your needs.
There is no obligation or pressure to proceed at this point.

If Michael is with a client when you call, you will be directed to his confidential voicemail.
However, please leave him a message, and he will return your call as soon as possible.

Michael works with all issues, and believes that a hypnotic approach is an incredibly effective and versatile way of dealing with a wide range of issues and ailments, from anxiety and depression to stress and phobias as well as addictions including his well-known Stop Smoking Session. All successfully treated with hypnosis as well as the work on weight loss, offering lifelong health and well-being benefits.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis in West BridgfordWith hypnosis, quitting smoking is achievable, simple and rewarding. Just one 2 hour + session is usually all that’s needed to quit for good.

West Bridgford Clients Booking Your Sessions With Michael

Change old behaviours and alter unhelpful ways of thinking using hypnosis and psychotherapy combined. This powerful therapy can help with so many of life’s issues.
If you would like to book or discuss sessions or are interested in finding out more about outstanding hypnotherapy treatments for West Bridgford in Nottingham then please feel free to give Elevated Therapy a call. Appointments are available 7 days per week.
Hypnotherapy can empower you to make positive changes happen through the work of Dr. Michael Millett !

West Bridgford Hypnotherapist

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